Saturday, January 22, 2011

Compilation of Swiss Roll

A compilation of swiss roll using the sponge method until Jan 2011...

My swiss roll hales a very simple recipe

3 eggs
50g sugar
64g top flour/cake flour
16g cornstarch
20g oil/unsalted butter
20g water/milk
1/2tsp vanilla essence

1) Melt oil/butter with water/milk
2) Beat eggs + sugar + vanilla essence till frothy
3) Add in sifted flour
4) Used 1/3 of #3 and add into #1 and mix well
5) Add #4 into remaining #3
6) Bake at pre-heat 170c for 11mins
7)Remove cake and wrapped with cling wrap till cool
8) Add favorite filling and roll

#1 Homemade blueberry jam roll

#2 Kaya roll

#3 Milo peanut butter roll

Submitted to Aspiring Bakers #9 by Obsessedly Involved with Food

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